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Movement Monkeys

Educational and Physical Literacy Program
Movement Monkeys Australia is an educational and physical literacy program, designed with its foundations in play-based learning. Offering an engaging extracurricular experience for 3 to 5 year-olds in their familiar kindergarten and childcare centre settings. The Movement Monkeys program utilises multi-modal teaching techniques to enhance the learning process. Our approach is to nurture their fundamental skills and love for learning, so they grow into lifelong learners.
The more ways you learn, the more you remember, and the more you will understand. MOVE! PLAY! and LEARN! 


Movement allows children to connect concepts to action and to learn through trial and error.
The brain is the main beneficiary of any kind of physical activity. There is a strong brain-body connection. Hence, it is important to remember that learning doesn’t happen from the neck up, but from the feet up! 
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Children are naturally curious about the world around them. They experience and come to understand the world and their place in it through play. Creating opportunities for children to explore, experiment, question and discover new concepts about the world in playful ways is central to their learning, development and wellbeing. Through play, children engage with the people, places and objects around them to form their understanding of the world and how they fit into it. Play helps to develop a child’s knowledge and skills, and prepares them for a lifetime of learning both in school and beyond.


‘School readiness’ is a measure of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that enable children to participate and flourish at school. ‘School readiness’ is the development of the whole child including social and emotional skills, communication skills, physical skills and cognitive skills. Children who are developmentally ready to learn tend to do better in school.
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