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What Our Junior & Senior Programs Offer


Physical Literacy

All of our game engage the whole physical structure of the participant giving them the opportunity to learn how their whole body works as well as how they can adapted and over come new physical challenges. 


Sight Word Recognition

Over the full 4 term program we cover the first 48 sight word in the National  curriculum witch is 4 words every 3 weeks.


Shape Recognition 

As well as colour, the  final game of the day is focused on shape recognition. Children are able to match, identify and name.


Gross Motor Skills Development

We break this area up into three sections: Hand/Eye, Foot/Eye and Hand Foot and Eye base games allowing for a equal focus on the development of their gross motor skills.



One of the games has a focus of letter sounds, letter-form (Shapes), word family sounds and shapes plus Phonemes sounds and shape,  allowing children to learn at the level they are ready for.


Fine Motor Skill Development

All of the gross motor skill games have fine skill elements in them. The majority of the development of the skill set is covering with grasping and manipulating objects exercises plus specifically visual motor skills, often referred to hand-eye coordination.



With a game focus on simple numerical concepts like the shape of the character, position in order of ascending and descending numbers and value by using different

subitising tools.


Emotional Awareness

This phase in the program show children how to recognize emotion that their are feeling, what triggers that feeling and how to notice it in others by there body langrage and mannerism. 


Colour Recognition 

The final game of the day is focused on colour and shape recognition. Children are able to match, identify and name colors, tone and hue.

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